Frequently Asked Questions :

What cars do you buy?

Usually we do buy most makes/models that are under ten years old (and older in some cases). If you are happy with our offer CashForCar.ie will collect your car from your home or work address at a convenient time with you or just drive your car to our office HERE. If you decide you don’t want to proceed with our offer - no problem, we won’t use or share your details and we won’t contact you again.

Will you buy any car?

We won't buy any car. Sometimes we may decide that we are not able to buy your car because of current market trends, stock levels or your asking price to vehicle condition ratio. Not all the cars are suitable for re-sale. In some cases the cost of repairs is higher than a value of the car. With some outdated models it is not possible to use them even for parts; most of people try to get rid of them instead of repairing, so there is no demand at all. Please do not be offended by this and contact us again in the future as requests from motor traders using our service are constantly changing.

What is my car worth?

Click HERE to get a trade valuation. All our quotes are subject to inspection. This means when we come to buy your vehicle and it is not as described by you then we will have to re-appraise your auto. If you are not happy with our revised offer then unfortunately CashForCar.ie will not be able to purchase your car.

If my car is not perfect?

Do not be discouraged about the condition of your vehicle. We buy cars with no NCT, with body damages and mechanical problems. We buy non-runners too! Click HERE to get a buying offer. We'd like to note that our car valuation is not a retail price, but the best bid we managed to get from more than 50 motor traders who use our service. Indeed, our partners expect to get a margin when they sell a car, but to bring an average car to retail condition involves various costs, such as:

  • Car Valet (100-300 euro)
  • Paintwork and Body Repair (150-1500 euro )
  • NCT test/re-test fees (55/28 euro)
  • NCT preparation and repair costs (100-2000 euro)
  • Car service (100-300 euro)
  • Car advertising, transportation and paperwork costs (100-300 euro)
  • Warranty costs (200-2000 euro)

Why should I use CashForCar.ie rather than Part-Exchanging my car?

Trade-in is a traditional way to sell a car and always the lowest value. Sell your vehicle to CashForCar.ie and as full cash buyer you will be in a position to negotiate big discounts off most new and used cars in dealer's forecourt or from private seller. As people say, cash is the king.

What about selling my car privately?

We understand that selling a used car privately is not an easy task. Advertising your car is expensive and the whole process is nerve racking and time-consuming. You will meet many time wasters and tire kickers without cash. Providing test-drives to strangers is a high risk, and payment may not be secure. You are one phone call away from selling your auto securely. At CashForCar.ie we will offer you the best price we can based on current trade/auction values, pay you for the vehicle quickly and hassle free, collect your car from your home or work at a convenient time for you.

How will you pay for my car?

Cash. Company cheque. Bank transfer. At CashForCar.ie standard method of payment is a registered company cheque. Also an immediate money transfer trough AIB Bank can be made straight into your account. These forms of payment are completely safe. When we say you’ll have your money we make sure you have it. Usually our funds will be in your bank account before our driver has left.

What documents do I need to sell my car?

We will need the vehicle licensing certificate (VLC, Form RF101) and two forms of personal identification (either a passport or driver’s license and a recent utility bill with your current address). You will be asked to provide details of the vehicle history. CashForCar.ie is unable to purchase your car without proper documentation.

What to do if I have outstanding finance on my car?

An outstanding finance must be settled prior to payment. A settlement letter from the finance company will be required. If an outstanding finance is more than the car is worth then you would need to pay us the balance.

My car is broken and I don't want to sell it as is. Would you recommend someone in repairs?

Sure. We use very often NCTpass.ie and CVRTpass.ie for all NCT and CVRT tests preparations and failures' repairs. In TurboChargers.ie we are getting the help for what they do the best – turbos for petrol and diesel vehicles. NorthWestAutos.ie do all types of servicing and auto repairs including body repairs and paint works. All these reputable repairers can give you a free quote. Replacement cars are available for the time of repairs. Sometimes it is worth to think, may be you can give your car a second chance to stay with you and serve you well.

Where are you located?

Please click HERE or on Google Maps type CashForCar.ie

What are your working hours?

We are open 6 days a week

  • Monday - Friday: 9am-6pm
  • Saturday: 9am-1pm
  • We are closed on Sundays, but we answer calls and reply to text messages and emails every single day.

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We are closed on Sundays, but we answer calls and reply to text messages and emails every single day.

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